Ski - Ski Mountaineering

Ski center of Perouli is located 7 km from the Elati on the main road to Pertouli. The pistes are aimed at medium- level skiers and is ideal for those who would try first. The ski center has three pistes and three lifts. A red pist length 1500m , a blue with length 400m and a green educational 80m length. There is also a two-seater chair lift length 1.170m , a 350-meter slide and a baby lift, length 60m. The chair lift operates on tour ( ride ) pedestrians without skis. For those who do not ski , there are four rental shops. There are two chalets - a large chalet at the base of the ski and a little on top of the ski. Also, there is a large and spacious parking area at the base of the ski and access is safe and comfortable without the use of snow chains. At the same time around the ski 's large network of ski runs. The mountains Neraida, Koziakas and Marossa offered for ski mountaineering with many beautiful slopes which are ranging up to 40 degrees.

Enjoying skiing in a beautiful landscape

Tour ski is the best way to climb the peaks of Koziaka of Marosa and Neraida

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