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Kayaking - Rafting
On the river Achelous, the summer months are given the opportunity to try kayaking. Specifically there are kayaking in place Alexiou the way to the mountain village Gardiki as well as the community at position Aspropotamos Tria Potamia (Three Rivers).

Frozen rivers of the region are suitable for adventurous swimmers. Tributary of the Achelous passing villages Neraidochori Pyrra and you can swim in natural pools having a depth even 3 meters. Also proposed Achelous in place Alexiou. Beware, the water is frozen, try only the period from mid-July to late August when the water flow is reduced and the water is warmer.

Fishing with rod is allowed in all the rivers of the region. The closest is the Pertouliotis the Neraidochoritis, Achelous in place Alexiou even in Plastiras Lake.

The bridge Alexiou passing Aspropotamos (Achelous River) near Gardiki

The Aspropotamos is ideal for swimming during the hot summer months

 The best way to enjoy Aspropotamos is canoeing - kayaking or rafting