A new route has been open, the traverse of Marosa-Avgo by the ridge

Often heard in the mountain taking about traversing the peaks of Marosa to Avgo from many groups / clubs, although they use to do a part of the ridge by skipping parts of the ridge. In fact the peaks and points that must to traverse in order to complete the route are: Loupata highest peak 2066m - trigonometric Loupata 2063m  - nose in Fourka 2008m - Marosa 1967m - trigonometric Ornio 2022m - Ornio highest peak 2044m – Kedros 1925m and Avgo (Egg) 2146m. The two major problems in the ridge (difficult passages) are first of Loupata to Marosa (instead Fourka) and secondly from the Ornio to Avgo.