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Augoustiatiko Feggari - New trad climbing route in Koziakas

Augustiatiko Feggari, IV+, 360m
Elati, Wall of Arkoudtrypa, Koziakas
Nikos Kroupis, Lakis Koufogazos, Petros Tolias
10 & 11 August 2014
The route is located on the wall of Arkoudotrypa just over Elati village from where is visible.The wall is about  500 meters long and 300 meters high. This wall is ideal for opening a lot of new traditional routes. The ridge is up to 1600m altitude.The begin of the route is difficult but higher is easier passing through small trees.The route opened in two days, 10/8/2014 climbed the first 2 pitches and the next day 11/8/2014 climbed all the route to the summit.


A new route has been open, the traverse of Marosa-Avgo by the ridge

Often heard in the mountain taking about traversing the peaks of Marosa to Avgo from many groups / clubs, although they use to do a part of the ridge by skipping parts of the ridge. In fact the peaks and points that must to traverse in order to complete the route are: Loupata highest peak 2066m - trigonometric Loupata 2063m  - nose in Fourka 2008m - Marosa 1967m - trigonometric Ornio 2022m - Ornio highest peak 2044m – Kedros 1925m and Avgo (Egg) 2146m. The two major problems in the ridge (difficult passages) are first of Loupata to Marosa (instead Fourka) and secondly from the Ornio to Avgo.

Summer just come

This year we had a very mild winter but lasted until the summer. June 5th was the first warm day that looks like summer.

The fireplaces and the heating stopped yesterday, since the temperatures in Elati did not exceed 20C e
ven at daytime.

Let's hope that this time it will have a real summer.