Pertouli village first mentioned in documents of the monastery Barlaam of Meteora in the 10th century. Also in 1720 because he fell plague depopulated, and reoccupied by Triantafyllo Chatzi Mperta in which, according to one version due and the name of the village (Bertouli, the village of Berta).
The name Pertouli ledger found in the Great Meteoro, 1741 as an indication of residents of the region of Aspropotamos to the Pasha of Trikala in 1841 .

In June 1823 it was burned by Arvaniti Selichtar Boda with Neraidohori and Pyrrha and so burnt when they were visited in 1826, the Stournaris and Kasomoulis. Pertouli rebuilt in 1841 as the tower Chatzigakis, grandson of Chatzi Berta extant. In 1943 history repeated for Pertouli destroyed because it was the seat of the General Headquarters of the Greek resistance groups against the British .

Pertouli is surrounded by the famous mountains Boudoura (Neraida), Koziakas, Loupata and Avgo and full of dense forests, lush meadows, wildflowers with the colorful pop up next to tall trees and flowing waters of the river filled with aquatic plants, would not be an exaggeration to talk about a mountain paradise. The church of the Holy Apostolos, a miniature white in the green landscape, made ​​even more picturesque and beautiful when the snow covers the area and offers a picture can not capture the human mind if you do not live near by. Famous and dreamy are Pertouliotika Livadia (meadows), large green areas ( plateau ) at an altitude of 1150 meters where cows graze carefree of local farmers.
Between Elati and Pertouli there is Ski Center of Pertouli, a wonderful tourist ski resort located very short distance from Trikala city.

Churches - Monasteries
The church of Metamorphosi of Sotiros (Transfiguration) is basilica built over an older homonymous church (1863 ). Also there are many churches like Agia Kyriaki on the road to Pertouli. The Tower of Chatzigakis (1841), grandson of Chatzi Berta (has been restored based on photos and engravings that illustrate the first form) . Chatzigakis was the greatest shepherd Aspropotamos . The stone Bridge of Gria is located in the gorge of Manas, crossed by a tributary of the Achelous and a remarkable monument of the region over the bridge are carved with great delicacy performances and art..

Cultural Events
The Traditional Cultural Events Pertouliou is
6-7 July : Festival Agia Kyriaki
5-6 August : Transfiguration
14-15 : August : the Assumption
The last weekend of June every year near Pertouli ski center into grasslands and great celebration is the "Gathering of Sarakatsanaioi". Sarakatsanaioi across Greece gathered to represent the old nomadic lifestyle, setting their traditional huts, looms and cooking traditional meals while traditional music is played.

Pertouli village from the air

Livadia Pertouliou plateau

The rebuild tower in Pertouli