Aspropotamos (Acheloos)

Aspropotamos or Achelous is the second longest river in Greece. It stems from the Pindos mountain range and specifically the term Lakmo (Peristeri) south southwest of Metsovo and after a 220 km route flows into the Ionian Sea. On the way through the prefectures of Trikala, the boundaries of Karditsa and Arta and then boundaries of the county and Euritania and Aetoloakarnania.

The name Axeloos probably derived from the root "ah" means water and comparative adjective "loon" which means better. The villagers use the name Whiteriver or White. There are several versions about the origin of this name, the most widespread associate it with the foaming image river during the spring months when the snows melt or with white pebbles on the shore and the white mud lowers the stream.

The villages
The villages of Aspropotamos are many and each one has its deacons beauty. The path leading to these villages are from Elati to Neraidohori running alongside Pyrra and passes by Desi. Pyrra and Desi villages inhabited all year, all the while during the summer months. Some interestings villages to visit is Gardiki, Athamania, Agia Paraskevi (Tziourzia), Polythea, Anthousa and Chaliki .